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Student Life

We value and instill in all of our students the importance of understanding who you are and being self-confident. We guide each student to develop their personal belief system and to be comfortable expressing their opinions.

We guide each student to develop their personal belief system and to be comfortable expressing their opinions. 

It’s all part of understanding that we’re an essential part of how the world improves. St. Mary's wants our students to make practical, thoughtful connections between their studies and the world. These lessons are interwoven into the curriculum from an early age. Our Student Life Enrichment teaches collaboration, conflict resolution and confidence. Counselor-led mindfulness instruction leads Lower School classes towards emotional literacy and empathy.

The parents, students and teachers share the responsibility to learn and practice the IB Attitudes and Learner Profile to develop positive character. Students are provided with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be successful with the use of the Responsive Classroom’s approach to building a positive community through the following learning opportunities:

  • collaborate with others, build new relationships and strengthen existing relationships
  • develop authentic self-worth and confidence, understanding how they individually contribute to their surrounding environment
  • successfully address conflicts, understand the consequences of their choices and create positive solutions
  • appreciate others’ ideas, feelings and convictions while recognizing different opinions and perspectives
  • identify and acknowledge their own emotions, thoughts and actions
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The social, emotional and spiritual development of our students occurs in daily classroom instruction, throughout K-5 Chapel, Community and social skills instruction. In these formats, students will experience learning from individual opportunities to school-wide venues.

Enrichment Opportunities