School Safety Information

Emergency Preparedness Program 

Should an emergency situation or disaster occur during school hours, your child will be cared for at school. We have a detailed emergency preparedness program which has been formulated and practiced to respond effectively to a major catastrophe. Your cooperation is necessary in any emergency. Please adhere to the following protocol regarding your child at school after an emergency.

Emergency Communication

It is possible the phone system (land lines and cell phones) will not be able to handle the increased traffic and may become inoperative during an emergency. St. Mary’s will provide two forms of contact:

  • An automatic emergency notification call to your family’s registered phone numbers.
  • An emergency “call in” phone number 949-478-4485 for important information.

Student Pick-Up Procedures During an Emergency

In the event of a serious emergency, students will be kept at a secured evacuation area until they are picked up by an identified, responsible adult listed on your child’s emergency card. Students will only be released to persons identified on your child’s emergency card. Please ensure the school has up to date information regarding your child.

  • The student release process will take place at the designated location next to the athletic field gates on Pursuit street only. The release process is as follows:
  • Stay in your car. Staff members will obtain your child’s name and grade and deliver your child/children to your car.
  • You will be asked to sign a release form for your child.
  • Be patient.

If you have any questions regarding our emergency preparedness program, please contact Jim Cox for further information, at 949.448.9027, ext. 312.