If you wish to park at Coast Hills Church and bring your child onto campus, which we encourage you to do, you have two options. Please reference the map below. 
Option 1 - Parking in the lot directly between St. Mary's campus and Coast Hills Church, marked as Area B. All spaces in both lanes will be available for parking. However, exiting this area will be limited from 7:35 am-8:05 am daily. The exit area marked with the letter "C" will not be accessible between 7:35 am-8:05 am. If you wish to exit this area, you will proceed through the drive closest to the front doors of Coast Hills Church and proceed to the far back lot and exit through the carpool line.    

Option 2 - Parking on the far side of the Coast Hills Church lot is available with limited restrictions. You will exit this area through the area marked with the letter "D."

Our Safety and Security Staff will be present to help navigate you during carpool. Thank you in advance for your attention to their direction. 

No parking will be allowed in the drive way area of Coast Hills Church along the hillside that touches St. Mary's property. This area is marked on the map as "No Parking." All parents should enter the Coast Hills Church driveway off of Pursuit, making a right-hand turn into the drive. Proceed down the drive to the far right lower end of the parking lot. Following the cones, you will make a U-turn in the lower lot and proceed back up the Coast Hills Church main drive. Student drop off will occur at the sidewalk and steps area marked "A" on the map. Traffic will now be 2-way along the entire Coast Hills Church Entrance. Please keep speed to 6 mph maximum. As always, there will be school personnel available to assist with unloading students. Exiting the Coast Hills Church driveway by making a right-hand turn onto Pursuit.