Tinker Time

Tinker Time is St. Mary’s new lunchtime and tinkering program for Grades 1 – 4 students lead by Adrienne Bononi, Director of Technology and Innovation. Tinker Time provides an opportunity for students to explore new technology and tools outside the classroom in a casual, fun environment. Activities range from engineering, robotics, digital fabrication tools, crafts and more! This spring, Tinker Time explored 3D pens. 3D pens are handheld tools that teach the basic elements of 3D design. Students had the opportunity to bring out their inner artist while using 3D pens. The 3Doodler pen extrudes heated plastic filament that hardens in seconds, allowing flexibility and as they created their own masterpiece. Be on the lookout for more Tinker Time to come in the 22-23 school year!