Legacy Award Winner

The Legacy Award honors a Grade 8 student who demonstrates and represents the highest standards of St. Mary’s Four Aces of Leadership through their involvement in school, local organizations and the community. 

Congratulations to the 12 Legacy finalists: Jeremy Ahn, Sara Boswell, Teagan Dumain, Luke Friedl, Briana Gorski, Ella Kraninger, Malia Mazer, Noah Mooney, Thomas Moro, Henry Ontiveros, Mia Wensinger and Emily Zimmerman. 

St. Mary’s is honored to share that the 2022 Legacy Award winner is Luke Friedl. Luke has been an active member of our school community since preschool. Since then, he has worked to embody the IB profiles of thinker, inquirer and communicator. Luke holds “Head of School” academic honors, is a long-time Ambassador, the founder of the St. Mary’s Investment Club and is working toward the rank of Eagle Scout. He is an avid runner meaningfully contributing to our cross country and track programs, including mentoring Falcon runners. We are so proud of Luke. Thank you Luke for shaping the hearts and minds of our faculty, students and community.