St. Mary's Participates in Week of the Young Child

Shelly Harmon
Today we know more than ever before about the importance of children's earliest years in shaping their learning and development. Week of the Young Child (EEP - K) honors young children and all those who make a difference in children's lives through meaningful activities. This year, St. Mary's followed the themes of Find Your Voice, Leave a Mark and Glow and Grow. Incorporating three books as inspiration points, our youngest Falcons let their voices soar by howling their own tunes with hand-crafted paper roll wolf howlers. They explored their artistic sides by painting the playground with handmade puffy paint and designing Mrs. Dizzy's newest pair of overalls. Teamwork and grit were on display as they dug out holes and planted four new trees with our resident garden expert, Mr. Cox. Celebrating diversity and uniqueness was paramount as we staged multicultural parades on the playground and in the classrooms. Weeks like this one are a great reminder of the value and benefits of play and imagination.