St. Mary’s Earns Best Delegate at Model United Nations (MUN) Conference

Heather Wilkins
On Saturday, March 27, St. Mary’s MUN team virtually attended the Model United Nations (MUN) Conference at Laguna Beach High School. Our students shared speeches, dialogued and collaborated while discussing a variety of topics, including: Journalistic Safety and Freedom of the PressEqual Rights and Representation for Minoritiesand Adolescents and Mental Health during the COVID Pandemic.

Keynote speaker; Prince Paa-Kwesi Heto, an International Trade & Development Expert, spoke to the students about diversity of thought and perspectives. He also shared his experiences with overseeing dialogue between the African Union Commission and the U.S. State Department in Washington, D.C. MUN is not just about public speaking. This group focuses on collaboration and the value of tolerance of diversity and celebrating it. The conference also hosted a virtual Multicultural Faire which offered students the opportunity to explore different cultures from over 25 countries.
Congratulations to Zaiden Gurgusamy (Grade 7) for earning a Commendation Award for his work in his committee. Congratulations also to Grant Manahan (Grade 8) for earning the top award at the conference, Best Delegate! Grant has been a leader on the MUN Club for the past several years. He has the unique ability to speak and listen well in front of others and brings out the best in students during debate and collaboration. According to Grant, “Through my numerous experiences with MUN I have grown not only as a scholar, but also as a person. MUN has given me the opportunity to find my passion for debate and collaboration as well as instilling me with the courage, and passion to share my ideas and learn from my mistakes that have prepared me for high school and beyond.” Grant intends to start a MUN Club at his high school next year.
Students in Grades 3-8 may participate in the upcoming MUN program during St. Mary’s Summer Resort whichwill include an engaging UN simulation, learning about global issues, fun team building activities and opportunities to strengthen speaking and collaboration skills. Check out the school website for more information.