Alumna Eleni Engelbrecht ’19 Gives Back

Virtue Byrd
Alumna Eleni Engelbrecht ’19 is now a sophomore at Sage Hill School and was recently highlighted in the LA Times for her service work. To see the full article click here.
Eleni helped form a partnership with Orange County nonprofit Bracken’s Kitchen, which specializes in food recovery and makes and delivers meals to low-income and underserved people in the community. Eleni organized a two-month food drive in October and November. Bracken’s Kitchen gave the teenagers five recipes, which they stapled on grocery bags for easy donation.
In the end, they donated 300 pounds of pasta, 31 gallons of chicken broth and 20 gallons of olive oil to Bracken’s Kitchen in December. The other items included 40 pounds of salt and pepper, 24 pounds of granulated garlic and 95 pounds of other ingredients.
“I was really surprised,” Eleni said. “Every single neighbor that I gave [an empty bag] to, they all put in something and were really eager to donate to our cause. Their generosity was just amazing. Everybody’s in the crisis, right? Everybody knows how it feels to be struggling. But it kind of empowers people, to feel like they do something to make the situation better, rather than just stand on the sidelines and watch people suffer.”