Will You Invest in this Product?

Jennifer Engleman
Grade 4 students pitched their product designs to solve a current real-world problem to a panel of “sharks” made up of Faculty and Staff. Based on the business reality show "Shark Tank," students asked the panel to "invest" in their product designs and give feedback for improvements. Many products are related to this year’s quarantine like “Zoolip” cards to hold up during a Zoom call that say, “You are on mute” and seven other messages. “Magic Mask” has essential oils that can be placed on your mask to breathe in a soothing smell like lavender. Featured in the photo is the Galactic Collar for pets, which has LED lighting for night walks. This group donated 25% of their proceeds to local animal shelters.

Students in small groups collaborate to create a product and materials needed to manufacture their product. During the design phase they decide on colors, sizes and quantities needed. They calculate the costs of raw materials or use of recycled materials needed and profitability to give a final sales price.
Next, they come up with a marketing strategy including the product name, slogan and a jingle. Student groups created product flyers and posters to market their products to family, friends and the St. Mary’s community.
The final phase of the entrepreneurial experience wrapped up with students taking their products to market. The culmination of the project is launching an e-commerce platform which features individual product websites and gives the opportunity for customers to purchase the student created products. In the end, all groups were successful in selling products. Several student groups have launched their products as a business outside of school with their family.