Evita Kaldowski '18 Living Abroad

Virtue Byrd
Evita Kaldowski '18
Evita’s family relocated to Switzerland two and a half years ago at the beginning of Evita’s high school experience. For her freshman and sophomore years, Evita attended a local IB high school, but just this summer switched to a virtual high school program in the U.S. Evita is now enrolled at the George Washington Online High School in Washington, DC, and loves it.
When she is not studying, Evita enjoys hanging out in local coffee shops drinking Swiss hot chocolate, especially in the snow. She has been busy traveling to historical sites throughout Europe, just a short train ride away. This is one of the many benefits of living in the center of Europe. She was unable to return to Southern California this summer because of the pandemic but looks forward to future visits to reconnect with her St. Mary’s friends.