Veteran’s Day 2020

Jennifer Engleman
We are honored to listen to Retired Major General Mike Ryan of the U.S. Marine Corps interview. Currently living at The Covington, Mr. Camargo had the opportunity to interview our veteran neighbor for students to hear his 31-year military career story and thank him for his service to our country. His military career started in the U.S. Marines. He trained as a pilot and flew 125 missions during the Vietnam War. He has flown 3500 hours and has flown the Cobra Helicopter, F18 jet, Harrier jet and Skyhawk jet. He trained at the Navy’s Top Gun School and then became an instructor for the U.S. Marine’s Top Gun School.

He told us of the story of his military history as a pilot and as a leader. As a Major General, he commanded 47 squadrons and a total of 15,000 soldiers. Even in this leadership role, he continued flying to be a role model to others. His story included three flying accidents he had during his military career and he is thankful to God that he walked away from them without any injuries.

We appreciate your time telling us your story and thank you for your Service!