MS MUN Delegation to Global Conference

Vince Fragasso
Middle School Model United Nations Delegation Attends Global Conference

On Saturday, November 7 students attended the Model United Nations Conference at Capo Valley High School. Students gave speeches as well as listened and worked with others to come up with thoughtful and effective solutions to global challenges. All of the over five hundred delegates were high school students except for the St. Mary’s students who were all 6th, 7th or 8th graders. Nonetheless, our students held their own.

Students discussed a variety of global issues and events including Human Rights, Aiding Adolescents with Mental Support during Covid, Climate Change and Brexit. St. Mary's Grade 8 student had the opportunity to be Ben Franklin and serve on an Historic Crisis Simulation of the American Revolution. Students earned awards including in the area of Research and Collaboration. Well done to all of the students for doing so well at the conference.
Middle School students and parents can contact Mr. Vince Fragasso, teacher and MUN advisor, about attending the weekly Wednesday afterschool club meetings and participating at one of seven remaining conferences that the team will attend this year.