MUN Student Earns Best Delegate at SOCOMUN

Vince Fragasso
On Saturday, September 26, over a dozen students represented St. Mary’s School at the SOCOMUN XXIX (29th Annual Southern California Model United Nations) Conference hosted by Santa Margarita Catholic High School. There were over 1,300 students in attendance, with most of them from high schools from all over California and the world. St. Mary’s was one the only middle school participating out of 27 schools at the conference. Having the conference done virtually, our St. Mary’s students were able to interact and collaborate with students from as far away as Boston on the East Coast and the Czech Republic and the United Kingdom providing a truly global experience! Students served as delegates representing Japan and Germany and discussed such global issues as poverty, hunger, clean water, education and equality for women.

One of our Grade 8 students earned the Best Delegate Award
for his work and leadership in his committee (Employment Creation and Enterprise Development in Developing Nations).  A Grade 7 student earned an Outstanding Award for his work in committee (Combating Organized Crime). Congratulations to all delegates for their work and effort to better the world around them. One of the highlights of the day was seeing many former St. Mary’s School MUN students, now attending area high schools, continuing to be leaders in MUN.

A Grade 6 student,
who is new to MUN, represented Germany on the issue of Equal Access to Education for Girls and gave several speeches and led her resolution group. Returning MUN student in Grade 7 shared that he “liked how people from all over the world participated in this conference.”

St. Mary's alum ’20, now at Crean Lutheran High, spoke to the St. Mary’s delegation earlier in the week at their MUN Club meeting and advised them on how to do well and encouraged them to be great ambassadors of St. Mary’s.

The St. Mary’s MUN Club is now preparing for their upcoming MUN conferences at UCLA and Capo Valley High in November.

Middle School students and parents can contact Mr. Vince Fragasso, teacher and MUN advisor, about attending the weekly Thursday MUN Club afterschool meeting, participating at one of the 9 conferences that the team will attend this year or for any additional information. No prior experience is required.