St. Mary's Graduation

Virtue Byrd
We are excited to host St. Mary's 26th Graduation ceremony as a drive-in, live event today, June 30. In the midst of all of these safety protocols, the Graduation ceremony is designed to be a heart-warming, beautiful experience and will have many of our cherished St. Mary's traditions, including our beloved flower arch pictures.
We are excited to welcome the following alumni siblings to campus for graduation:
Leila Bauer '18, Ryan Bullock '18, Grace Chapman '19, Nicolas Codet '17, Jessie Elizalde-Rendon'16, Cooper Green '17, Maddie Green '13, Naveen Gupta'17, Giuliana Jacobson '14, Cloe Jewgieniew '19, Jay Daniel Murray '14, Olivia Lau'18, Jackson McNamee'16, Kendall Memoly'19, Lauren Memoly '17, Cailyn Mickelsen '17, Peyton Mohammed '17, Jacob Pearson '18, Evan Pearson '14, Joey Purcell '17, Logan Purcell '15, Natalie Rief'18, Chloe Schaefgen '15,  Christopher Vlok '18 and Reese Wensinger '17.