Hello From Day Camp

Jennifer Engleman
Monday morning Summer Resort opened with two full groups of campers. It was so exciting to see our students again. They quickly adapted to the new safety rules and were having fun seeing friends and playing outside. 

Each camper receives a St. Mary's Summer Resort gaiter face mask. Teachers make a fun game of "Gaiters Up!" when we are close to friends. It is surprising how fast the campers picked this up and had their gaiter face masks on while doing their fun activities. 
As students arrive with their parents, they have their temperature checked while in the car. After a few safety questions to parents, they park and escort their camper up to the EEP Gate. After signing in, there is a quick goodbye, and students meet their teacher and go to their classroom to wash their hands. 

Students that have siblings are placed together in Day Camp. Activities are set up and students self-select the station they are interested in. They still have circle time with music, learning Spanish, games and reading stories. Everyday there are art projects with drawing, painting, gluing and practice using scissors. Each group has time on the playground and then the playground and toys are sanitized before the next class comes outside.

Snack and Lunchtime are coordinated with Flik Dining. Snacks and lunch are delivered to the class. All students and teachers wash their hands. Then one designated teacher, plates the food for each student. If they want more of any food item, they are given additional food on a new plate. Students are at tables with distance between them, but they can still see and talk with their friends. 

Summer Resort is only open to enrolled students due to high demand. Please see our weekly themes in MyFalcon. To register, please log in to your Smart Tuition account and find the camps that your students are interested in attending.