Car Parade Celebrating Grade 8 Grads

Jennifer Engleman
St. Mary's held their first graduating eighth grade class car parade celebration. Parents, faculty and staff planned a very fun celebration to honor our students while maintaining social distance. 

The parade was held for an hour and a half to celebrate every one of our 74 graduates individually. Cars entered through the Coast Hills Church lot, then families picked up their In-N-Out Food Truck preorder and then paraded through to our school parking lot.
Students and families stopped for a photo op in front of the SeneGence Main Gate and picked up their Swag Bag. As they drove toward the exit, there were teachers lining the parking lot with posters and cheers for all the students.
Also, faculty and staff voted on car decorations for prizes. There were three categories-Best Theatrical, based off past school plays, Best School Spirit, blue and yellow, and Best World-sized Hearts. World-class Minds theme.  

Thank you to everyone involved for making this event a very memorable and special time for our graduates!
Please see Grad Car Parade video on Facebook or Instagram for a fun glimpse of the celebration.