Finalist - Chapman Holocaust Art and Writing Contest

Maria Diaz
Each year our students participate in the international Holocaust Art and Writing Contest hosted by Chapman University and the 1939 Society. This is the 21st annual contest's topic was "Memory Matters: Whose Story Will You Tell?"

After cancelling this year’s awards ceremony, Chapman University has officially announced the 2020 finalists of their Holocaust Art and Writing Contest. We are excited to announce that our Studio Arts, Grade 8 student was commended and honored as a finalist of this international contest. 

The art piece is made from paper mache and plaster. Telling the story of
Engelina Billauer's story: "If it wouldn't be for my sister I would never have survived and your three friends; and that really helped you, that gave you a lot of strength." The hands represent her being forced to build grenades used in the war and out of the grenade grows flowers that represent her sister and three friends that gave her hope and strength to survive.
“Throughout the Holocaust years, those targeted by the Nazis and their collaborators worried that no one would survive to speak of what they had experienced. They promised each other that if they lived, they would tell the story, no matter how difficult it would be and no matter how much others refused to listen. They would never allow the dead to be forgotten or the evil that had happened to be denied or trivialized...Many survivors and rescuers kept their promise to remember and to share their stories with the world through oral and written testimony. By listening and actively engaging with their memories, we cannot change the past—but as their messengers, we can shape the future. We can prove that their memories matter to us today.” Rodgers Center for Holocaust Education

Congratulations to our Grade 8 student for her inspiring art piece. 
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