Grade 1 Inspired by Van Gogh's Shoes

Jennifer Engleman
Visual Arts teacher, Roxanne Kane, challenged first-grade students to create with a pencil an art piece similar to the lesser-known paintings of Dutch artist, Van Gough. See the link to the Met Museum's painting of Shoes1888.  

Students' focus is on the shoes with a background optional. Any type of shoe is okay-examples include sneakers, school shoes, dance shoes, flip flops, beach shoes, swim shoes, sports shoes. 

Instructions include-have fun and do not stress about drawing. They are going to be amazing!
Try to look at the shape of the shoes and enjoy the way that they look. Use a pencil so mistakes can be erased. Then begin to add color once the sketch is finished. Use any material or mixture of materials that are available at home.

Students work at their own pace and share a photo of the art piece when completed. The finished art pieces that have been submitted are amazing!