New MS Remote Clubs

Marco Camargo
Looking for a way to stay connected to your Middle School friends? This year St. Mary's Middle School launched student-led clubs with a club fair in the fall. Middle School students are still meeting remotely and many students have added new clubs. 

Please see the new Club MS button under the Resources Tab in MyFalcon and stay connected. Looking for a way to be a leader? Several clubs still need a Student Moderator to lead new clubs. Have a great idea for a club? Start a new club and stay involved with your friends and meet new ones.

Feel free to browse the clubs and maybe signup for a few.  We have an OPEN ENROLLMENT policy meaning, you can sign up for any club at any time. 
Regarding Club Commitments, here are a few guidelines:
  1.  ACADEMICS come FIRST.  Meaning, if you have assignments to complete/makeup or a summative/exam/quiz to study for, please use community time for that.
  2. IF you have met your academic obligations, feel free to attend the Club you signed up for or to “drop-in” on a club you are curious about.  Please SIGN IN so we can have a record of who attended. 
  3. We ask that once you attend a Club session, do not leave until the club has concluded.  This a courtesy and respect to the organizers and moderators who have given their time. 
  4. These are STUDENT Led clubs, be respectful and supportive of your classmates.  YOU can contribute greatly to the club’s success!
If you have any questions, contact Marco Camargo, Student Activities Coordinator @