Girls LAX-End of a Great Season

The season began with unknown expectations as the group was comprised of 14 girls, of which only 4 had any experience prior to the season. The girls came together not as a team but as a family and leaned on each other throughout the season through its ups and downs. The girls started the season on a high note defeating St. John’s with an impressive 12-2 score and continued their winning streak against St. Edward’s 9-4 before losing a great back and forth game to St. Margaret’s 11-10. Through the loss the girls learned just how far they had come since the start of the season and realized just how good they could be. With some hard work and determination, the team came together for their last game of the season and avenged their loss to St. Margaret’s and defeated them 12-7. The win versus St. Margaret’s was the first win against them for the current 8th-grade class that played since 5th grade.

We look forward to the next group of girls that will lead the team as we are graduating seven 8th graders. We would like to thank the 8th graders for their time and dedication. #stmarysib #falconpride #lacrosse #laxlife