Celebrating Community & Building Connections

December Advisory in Middle School
Celebrating Community & Building Connections
December Advisory Theme is about stepping outside our-selves and tuning into others. Celebrating others and celebrating our community through the Holiday Season and reaching out with community services. Middle School students began their involvement with the lower school, now they want to reach even further into the community, beginning with promotion of our Goods & Can Food Drive. 

Thank you to Grade 3 and 4 teachers and advisors for helping to facilitate our MS to LS letter writing, after reading all the letters advisors were very impressed with the advice given by our middle school students. 
Next, we would like to highlight Mr. Carrizosa’s Advisory activity focused on service and being kind. They created a “Random Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar” in the photo. Each day of December, members will select an act of kindness to share here on campus. 

Great work!