NPR Podcast Top 10 Finalist

Dan Kearney, Grade 8 Individuals and Societies Teacher
In December, Grade 8 student, Minka, decided she wanted to enter the National Public Radio (NPR) Student Podcast Challenge, a nation-wide contest inviting students to submit original work to be judged by a panel of NPR reporters and hosts. Working for many hours outside of school, Minka used some of the interviews she had recorded during our Individuals and Societies podcast project and reworked them into a new podcast about the challenges of piecing together family history.
NPR is an American privately and publicly funded non-profit membership media organization based in Washington, D.C. The NPR contest received over 5,700 submissions, so many, in fact, that the entire contest had to be delayed so the judges could listen to all of the entries. Over 25,000 students participated, many of the entries were submitted by groups.
Minka is a top ten finalist!. As a finalist her podcast will be featured on NPR, either on-air or online.
NPR wrote to me, noting that her podcast was "a finalist due to Minka's outstanding storytelling, structure, and knack for interviewing. It was one of the absolute top submissions."
Check out Minka’s short podcast via the link below, and please join us in congratulating her on this outstanding achievement.