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St. Mary’s School’s academics, curricula and environment prepares students to believe in themselves, to trust their ideas and to achieve. But experience, confidence and skill aren’t enough. Critical thinking depends on a solid base of values—and vice versa. Every day, students encounter complex situations that require them to test the truth of information in front of them. What’s more, they have to do this compassionately, with respect for the diverse perspectives of their peers. This is no easy feat, but it’s essential. Inquiry without love is as much of a dead end as compassion without intelligence. That’s why, at St. Mary’s School, we foster academic excellence and empathy in tandem. Regardless of background, we help students invest in their own drive to make a difference. A snapshot of St. Mary’s School from any angle, on any day, captures the school’s unique blend of visible engagement, compassionate inclusion and genuine delight. From preschool age on, we teach students to say, “I can.” The FIRST step is having the right tools to SUCCEED. I can OPEN MYSELF to other’s opinions. Teacher-Student Ratios: Early Education Program 1:6–9, Lower School (Grades K–5) 1:11 and Middle School (Grades 6–8) 1:18.

WHAT IS THE INTERNATIONAL BACCALAUREATE PROGRAMME? St. Mary’s School offers the only accredited Preschool through Grade 8 International Baccalaureate Programme in Orange County. This curriculum integrates themes of global significance, challenging students to tap their creativity to solve problems both large and small. More importantly, teaching the power of inquiry and reflection to young minds builds a foundation for lifelong learning. Applying a curriculum free to change alongside the world, the International Baccalaureate Programme prepares St. Mary’s School students to thrive across an increasingly connected globe.