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We are pleased to offer a full-service dining experience for our students provided by FLIK. 
Students spend some of the best hours of their day at St. Mary’s. And just as our program encourages the growth of their minds, we need to provide the best foods to help our student’s growth to be strong, healthy, thriving adults. Therefore, St. Mary’s will enhance our campus with a full-service kitchen, called The Commons. The Commons will provide restaurant quality, farm-to-table, house-made food. Each day, students will get to choose between hand-created entrees, fresh, healthy sandwiches, or salads, and we’ve even challenged our chef to create a chocolate chip cookie, in honor of Father Siller’s favorite dessert!
St. Mary's selected FLIK as the vendor for this exciting program, as they are one of the finest food companies servicing independent schools. FLIK is a family-style company that strives to provide healthy, nutritious menus to school children and their communities. With an eye for innovation and detail, FLIK offers campus-wide programs featuring nutrition education that enables life-long healthy choices.
The Dining Program:
  • provides meals and snacks prepared daily in our kitchen by our own chef.
  • serves meals where all the ingredients are sourced locally - no prepackaged foods.
  • offers parents relief as they no longer need to plan and pack lunches or snacks at home.
  • offers a wide variety of items that allow for student choice while meeting their nutritional needs.
  • delivers a dining experience that integrates with our curriculum, building the foundation for a lifetime of healthy eating habits.


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  • Why a Dining Program?

    We know nutritious foods keep kids healthy and build better brains. St. Mary's has the responsibility to provide well-balanced, delicious meals that meet your child’s nutritional needs and to teach and reinforce healthy habits. We see our Dining Program as an opportunity to create a “dining experience” that is more than “just” lunch. It is a chance for students and teachers to talk and share, to encourage healthy choices, and increase awareness of environmental stewardship. It is a foundation for a lifetime of nutritious eating, sustainable living and community building.
  • How does it work?

    St. Mary's has partnered with FLIK to create a dining experience. Meals are cooked in our kitchen from scratch with fresh, raw, wholesome ingredients by our own in-house chef. Strict safety protocols, detailed menus, and a wide variety of items ensure a healthy, delicious meal for every student regardless of allergies or dietary restrictions.
  • Who is included? Can I opt out?

    Lunch and snacks are provided for all students for EEP through Grade 8. Because we are committed to using high quality, fresh ingredients and seek to integrate the dining program with our curriculum, you cannot opt out.
  • What if my child has allergies?

    FLIK has strict protocols to manage allergies. Anyone with a food allergy or restriction can speak with the FLIK team so they can address your specific need or concern. 
  • What can you tell me about FLIK dining services?

    FLIK is the industry leader providing food service for independent schools. Their successful partnership with independent school communities is based on their mantra: Nourishing a Brighter Future. They go above and beyond by offering nutrition education programs that empower students to make healthy choices on a daily basis. By providing wholesome meals in conjunction with nutrition education, they equip students with the tools needed to live a happy, healthy life.
  • Are snacks provided?

    Snacks are provided for all students.
  • What is the cost and how does billing work?

    The cost for the Dining Program is included in tuition.