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St. Mary’s capital campaign project, Design The Future, will build a state-of-the-art Early Education Center, Design Center and Outdoor Community Spaces to complete our campus master plan. This project truly blends our strategic goals of ensuring an innovative 21st century campus with providing a transformational learning experience.


Early Education Center Early Preschool-Kindergarten


A new learning space on the first floor will nurture creativity and intellectual growth for our youngest Falcons. Featuring flexible classrooms and a Learning Hub for gathering and eating, the rooms will be configured to allow teachers to meet the various needs of each student while maximizing imagination, play, wonder, and reflection.

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Design Center All Students

The second floor will host state-of-the-art science, technology, and fine arts labs for all students, encouraging collaboration, hands-on learning, and creative problem-solving.

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Outdoor Community SpacesEntire Community

The addition of new outdoor spaces brings about lush, park-like areas for gathering, learning and serene reflection. This includes the establishment of a Community Hub featuring a coffee cafe, student store and lobby entrance.

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Doug Patterson
As we celebrate our 30th anniversary it’s critical that we look ahead to ensure St. Mary’s success in the next 30 years. And Design The Future is going to do just that. This campaign will complete our campus master plan with the building of The Early Education Center, Design Center and new outdoor spaces. These spaces will provide every student with meaningful experiential learning now and into the future. I truly believe there has never been a more exciting time to be a part of our community than now. We are eager to partner with every family to make this dream come to life and officially welcome you all to our campaign!


Our students need spaces to think critically, solve problems and engage in experiential learning. We believe the new spaces Design The Future is creating will meet the needs of every student now and into the future. We want our entire community to be a part and support this campaign. Come see why Design The Future will profoundly change all of our lives.


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Campaign Progress


Project Cost


Fundraising Goal

28,000 sq. ft.

New Two-Story Building

40,000 sq. ft.

New Outdoor Spaces

715 Students

New Facility for all Students


Our Fundraising Goal: $14M

  • $12M
  • $14M

Design The FutureCampaign Committee

"Design The Future demonstrates our commitment to more than just education for our children; it signifies a profound investment in the school's future."

Kevin and Kim DeAllen, Chair of the Board of Trustees

"Not only does it feel extraordinary to support your student, but the knowledge that you leave a legacy behind, improving a place from when you first got there, is truly powerful."

Gordon and Anne Marie McNeill, Board of Trustees and Campaign Committee

"St. Mary's is our school—St. Mary’s will be a part of our lives forever. If we can all come together and work as a team, it will have a greater impact on our children and the future."

Shawn and Keri Baldwin, Board of Trustees, Campaign Committee

"The second you step onto campus, you know something is different about St. Mary’s. I love walking my children onto campus in the morning and experiencing the sense of community. And I want to support that. I believe there is no bigger impact you can make than showing your kids you are investing in their future learning and environment." 

Dan Floriani, Campaign Committee

"Design The Future represents a significant milestone for St. Mary's as the project completes our Master Plan. Lou and I are pleased to be a part of the Campaign Committee that will help bring this project to life."

Sally and Lou Vandermolen, Campaign Committee

"When you contribute to something, you are just naturally more invested in its success, and I can’t think of anything that I’m more passionate about than the success of my kids and our school."

Jordan Floriani, Campaign Committee

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