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 Welcome to the IB Hub our St. Mary's Library

At the heart of the school’s program of inquiry is St. Mary’s IB Hub. Students utilize it for research and 21st-century information skills learning and it is a source of enjoyment for our entire school community. The IB Hub offers resources in multiple formats and languages to inspire imagination, nurture storytellers, reflect personal interests, and contribute to the classroom units of inquiry for both
PYP and MYP. The physical and digital resources reflects a true understanding of IB principles.

In addition to a large print selection of picture books, fiction, non-fiction and reference materials, the IB Hub features e-books, DVDs and several online subscription resources for our students to conduct research in more than 1,000 full-text periodicals.

The IB Hub houses a World Languages Collection which features books and magazines in more than ten languages, including Spanish, French & Mandarin Chinese.
Students in the Early Education Program visit the IB Hub weekly for story time and an opportunity to check out books. Lower School students in K-2 also visit weekly as a class for story tim
e and the opportunity to check out books. Students learn about the parts of a book, maps, real versus imaginary stories, how to use shelf markers, and how to care for their books. Grades 3-5 visit the library independently, in small groups or as a class during research projects.
St. Mary’s Director of Information Services introduces students to Information and Research Skills beginning in Kindergarten and builds upon the fundamental skills each year as students advance in their academic pursuits.

St. Mary's Library Online Resources:

LIBRARY CATALOG - St. Mary’s library books and resources

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ONLINE ENCYCLOPEDIAS - Differentiated online encyclopedia for trusted information.

Encyclopedia Britannica School World Book DiscoverWorld Book L'Encyclopedie Decouverte     World Book EEH


DATABASES - Infobase, Points of View and Streaming Content

Facts on File           EBSCO Points of View                     Safari Montage Logo           

Discovery Education               BrainPop Logo         CIA World Factbook 




MLA               The Purdue Online Writing Lab




Royalty Free Images - Over 1.5 million royalty free stock photos and videos

Pixabay Free Image logoFree Images WebsitePexels Free Image Logo

Unsplash free image website

These high-quality information resources meet the authority, currency, objectivity, coverage/content, and accuracy standards that we require in the materials used for student research.

While on campus, these resources can be accessed directly. Remote access requires a username and password for each resource. Students will be provided with these during their class/grade level orientations and on their classroom/subject My Falcon sites.

Orange County Public Library  

Library Homepage 

Library Card Application  

Database List 

Newport Beach Public Library


Global Trunks 

St. Mary’s began the global travel trunks program to represent and honor the diverse backgrounds of our school community and to represent the countries, regions and cultures that makes our community unique. These trunks are located in the IB Hub.

Global Trunk of India

What sorts of items go into a trunk?

Ideally, we would like to represent countries, regions, or cultures as multidimensional and engaging. Items that are representative and real to children of any age, are perfect. Clothes, toys, books, currency, flags, games, small instruments, small artifacts and handicrafts can be symbolic items with cultural weight. Examples of non-perishable foods such as spices are also welcome. The kinds of extended learning experiences that our students have through tactile participation are authentic and engaging. 

Trunks currently in the IB Hub include: Australia, Canada, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Kenya, Lebanon, Mexico, South Africa, Sri Lanka and Sweden.