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By Doug Patterson
Brandi Hartigan joins the ranks of some of our country’s most influential math and science teachers as the 2018 recipient of the William Dahlgren Teacher of Excellence Award. Recipients of this prestigious award are chosen by the Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE) Foundation.

The Dahlgren Award recognizes outstanding K-12 teachers for inspiring students in the math, science and engineering fields, particularly in classes directed toward learning the field of plastics and general entrepreneurship activities and efforts. Award recipients are chosen as teachers who consistently demonstrate the following attributes:

EXCELLENCE: Motivating students to achieve their best
INTEGRITY: Consistently thinking, sometimes doing more than
what is required
RESPECT: Treating each student as valuable and full of potential INNOVATION: Inspiring students to explore and create on their own from what is taught
Hartigan was honored at a public ceremony at the St. Mary’s campus in the spring. As a K-5 Science teacher, she has the tremendous responsibility to create and implement science lessons and labs for a wide variety of student ages and ability levels. Her commitment to science education prepares our students to be very successful in their future scientific endeavors, and she helps our students fall in love with science year after year.

In addition to her teaching responsibilities, Hartigan plays many other important roles on our campus. She is a founding member of our school’s Green Committee, which is dedicated to evaluating current school practices on campus and identifying opportunities to implement additional environmentally responsible practices. She collaborates with teachers on a global level, and this past school year coordinated and hosted 15 teachers and administrators from schools in Sweden. Hartigan often accompanies our students on their science-themed field studies, including an international trip to Costa Rica where her students are exposed to biodynamic farming and ecology.

“The staff at St. Mary’s shows incredible dedication to our students,” said Sharon Taylor, Head of School. “We are enormously proud of our faculty, and Brandi Hartigan, in particular, exemplifies the spirit and values of St. Mary’s on a daily basis. We are
pleased and thrilled that she was chosen to receive this prestigious award.”
“When I joined the staff at St. Mary’s I knew it
was going to present me with many teaching
and learning opportunities, but I didn’t
know the extent of what I would experience.
The St. Mary’s community has provided an
environment where I was able to explore the
possibilities of what a science lab could be like.
Guided by IB and inspired by the students and
teachers, I have enjoyed each and every day.
Now, looking forward to beginning my fourth
school year, and the Imagine More project,
I am dreaming big about the next direction
that the science lab will take.”
—Brandi Hartigan