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Center for Learning (C4L)

Learning and support services are available to assist students in meeting St. Mary’s academic expectations.

The Center for Learning (C4L) provides research-based solutions for academic, processing, and organizational needs. In addition, C4L staff work closely with teachers and administrators to help students to realize their potential.

Center for Learning Goals:

  • Collaborate with administrators and teachers consistently to assist students

  • Identify issues early in order to prevents students from feeling unsuccessful
  • Recommend and provide early intervention strategies for home and school
  • Provide support for appropriate classroom accommodations for students  (e.g., extended time for tests)
  • Help students better understand their individual learning style
  • Provide additional communication between school and home with regard to student progress
  • Work  with teachers to differentiate instruction in order to support students with different learning styles
  • Provide on-campus educational therapy on a fee-for-service basis, both for those students who will benefit from enrichment in an area of talent and for those students who are in need of support in one or more areas
  • Utilize neuropsychological/psycho-educational assessment results to develop an individual learning plan for students (as needed)
  • Conduct neuropsychological/psycho-educational assessments on a fee for service basis (as needed)

Dr. Gregory L. Koch

Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist