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Employee Experience

Professional Development Experiences

At St. Mary’s, we are passionate about and proud of our roles as educators. As we strive to continuously improve as individual educators and as a school, we place high value on frequent and relevant professional development. Opportunities to place ourselves in the role of a student, to learn from and with one another, enables us to further develop the knowledge and skills needed to empower and inspire our students. Learning from and with educators from other schools can have a profound impact on a teacher. These professional development opportunities have led to classroom innovation and the types of learning experiences that prepare our students to lead lives as courageous, independent thinkers.

Each year, teachers regularly attend workshops and trainings according to their professional interests that align with division initiatives and whole school strategic priorities. Teachers often attend International Baccalaureate workshops that further their professional knowledge and expertise in the implementation of our PYP and MYP frameworks. Additionally, teachers also attend subject-specific trainings and conferences that further enhance our curricular programs, assessment and teaching practices, including technology integration, the brain science of learning to read and write, inquiry in mathematics and science, and the development of comprehensible input and output in language acquisition. All of our faculty have also received ongoing training in integrating Design Thinking into their practices.

The weekly early dismissal for students on Fridays is reserved for professional development across all divisions. Most afternoons are divided into two sessions with time allotted for collaborative planning, targeted training, sharing of best practices, division and department meetings. As the global landscape of education continues to evolve, St. Mary’s ongoing professional development will ensure our students receive a world class education.

Employment Opportunities