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Head of Lower School high-fiving students in the gym
Our time to make an impact on the world is... 
right now.
By equally engaging the heart and the mind, we inspire and empower our students to change the world with purpose and understanding. Our students are inquirers. By asking “what” and “why,” they begin to understand their role in the “how.”


At St. Mary's School, we teach students to ask "what" and "why" not only because they're intellectually curious and caring, but also so that they can understand that they're an essential piece of the answer to "how."



The whole world is at our fingertips. That makes influencing what the wide world will become both our pleasure and our responsibility. It's up to us.




At St. Mary's School, we look deeply and decide for ourselves. We devote our world-sized hearts and world-class minds to create something new - something unique and better - for ourselves, our community and the planet. We're doing it right now. Won't you?

Our Mission

"World-Sized Hearts. World-Class Minds."

Our world-class faculty and staff are dedicated to their students and our mission. They create an engaging, meaningful learning environment daily. St. Mary’s parents are supportive and believe in our purpose. They wholeheartedly engage with our school community and partner with us throughout their child’s journey at St. Mary’s. 

Our Vision

Preparing and inspiring children of today to become courageous, caring, global citizens and enlightened leaders of tomorrow.

Our Values

  • wonder, inquiry, and discovery
  • diverse ways of thinking and understanding
  • compassionate actions
  • responsibility for one's self and others
  • sharing our gifts with the world