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Physical Education

Preschool students enjoy active playtime throughout the day in the self-contained Preschool playground. Physical Education (P.E.) during early childhood is equated to “play” and is the building block of a child’s intellectual skills. Through physical activity and play, children develop social skills, problem-solving skills and also interpersonal skills. Play makes possible the maximum development of self and society by facilitating creativity, individuality and, social, physical and intellectual growth. Play encompasses experiences that provide enjoyment and emotional fulfillment that will ultimately lead to productive and contributing members of society.

In the Lower School, the P.E. program follows the California State Framework and the IB Program Standards, while moving into a predominately fitness-based curriculum. Students attend P.E. classes twice a week. The curriculum is centered around age-appropriate activities that help improve fundamental skills and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle.

  • Kindergarten P.E. emphasizes “How I Move in My Environment”, along with developing motor skills and patterns.
  • First Grade students work on moving through space and time as well as developing hand-eye coordination.
  • Second Grade students continue movement through space with a partner and learn to respond with their entire body.
  • Third Grade students focus on continuity and change of movement in the body.
  • Fourth Grade students work on manipulating objects in and through space.
  • Fifth Grade students work on manipulating objects with accuracy and speed.
Middle School P.E., centers around the Personal, Social, Physical Education & Wellness Program, designed to inspire students and to foster within them an appreciation for and understanding of healthy, active, life-long habits. The focus at each grade level of this course is to develop skills and understanding necessary to participate successfully in a variety of physical activities. In the process, students are encouraged to learn, practice, refine, adapt, think, and interact with others. This course consists of physical activity as well as classroom instruction on Health topics.