The use of emerging technology is essential in our quest to educate our students into global citizens. At St. Mary’s, we strive to expose our students to a diverse range of operating systems, hardware and software, while emphasizing the importance of being responsible digital learners. We also encourage our students to seek innovative resources that expand their minds and bridge the gap between distances. Our balanced approach of teaching concrete skills and providing opportunities for our students to explore creates an authentic learning environment.

Technology is first introduced to our students at a developmentally appropriate level in our Early Education Program. These young learners collaborate on interactive activities using our Smart touch table, interactive whiteboards and digital cameras and experiment with light and color using light tables.

Starting in Lower School, technology is integrated in every class. Our Lower School technology specialist works with students and teachers in exploring safe and responsible uses of technology. As the students gain experience, they are given more independence to explore answers to their questions and display their understanding in multiple modes through animations, programming, video creation and digital presentations.

As students transition into the Middle School, their use of technology becomes an integral part of their learning with our BYOD program. Our students experience a hybrid-learning environment at St. Mary’s that extends learning beyond the school walls using digital resources. By the time our students finish Grade 8, they will have worked together to program robots to solve complex problems; they will have transformed their learning environment through a collaborative and safe social network; and they will have shared their thoughts and ideas with students abroad through blogs and wikis.

As technology advances and global issues become more complex, we will provide our students with the emerging tools and training necessary to explore solutions to these critical challenges.