Our school was founded on Christian values and it continues to be our belief that core values development is critical during our students’ formative years. By helping children to discover their values through Christian teachings, students more fully recognize their humanity.  At St. Mary’s we focus on three primary types of outcomes:

  • Skills- what our students are able to do
  • Knowledge- what they know
  • Character- the kind of people they become

Our program actively expands our student’s worlds through spiritual, civic, character building, relational, moral, lifestyle and family values to ensure that their education provides a foundation for becoming the best they can be. Christian enrichment begins in Preschool and continues through Grade 8. We teach values through an engaging array of music, reflection, weekly chapel that includes guest speakers and opportunities for student leadership and interactive themes using Biblical references.

In Grade 8, instruction on World Religion encourage students to gain knowledge and conceptual understanding of multiple world religions in hopes to cultivate well-rounded students with a firm grasp of their own personal beliefs. In addition to Christianity, students examine Judaic, Islamic, Hindu and Buddhist traditions by studying basic doctrines and comparing the fundamentals of these religions with their personal belief systems.  The culminating assignment is a poster project when students present their understandings of each religion while celebrating the similarities and welcoming the differences that exist among people.

Students are challenged to understand different perspectives and that people make choices based on their understanding of the world around them. It is our hope that as they understand the world better and other perspectives, the individual choices that they make, contribute to a peaceful environment.