Grade 7

Students are challenged to work at an exceptional level with a focus on their attitude, aptitude and effort. The focus at this age includes supporting the development of the social skills needed to work effectively in collaborative teams while also continuing to work independently. In the process, students learn how to identify these behaviors and how to react to them in a healthy manner.  Leadership plays an integral role in the Grade 7 experience with students being asked to exercise their influence for positive purposes inside classrooms on campus in general and on grade-level adventures such as the field study to Yosemite National Park.

Course offerings for Seventh Grade include:

  • Individuals and Societies (formerly Humanities)
  • Language Acquisition (formerly Language B)
  • Language and Literature (formerly Language A)
  • Math
  • Physical Education and Health (formerly Personal and Social Physical Education)
  • Religion/Leadership/Service
  • Sciences (formerly Science)
  • Technology Design (formerly Technology)
  • The Arts (formerly Visual Arts and Performing Arts respectively)
  • Advisory
  • Yosemite National Park Field Study