Grade 6

Students are continually encouraged to become more organized and independent. Technology is used throughout the classrooms and as a means of communication for homework assignments to aide in independence and organization. Grade 6 students start their first year in the Middle School Advisory Program and are assigned a faculty member to serve as a guide to help them develop socially, emotionally, and academically. Students look forward to the Grade 6 field study that features a “deep dive” into Marine Biology and Ecological Science through the Catalina Island Environmental Leadership Program.

Course offerings for Grade 6 include:

  • Individuals and Societies (formerly Humanities)
  • Language Acquisition (formerly Language B)
  • Language and Literature (formerly Language A)
  • Math
  • Physical Education and Health (formerly Personal and Social Physical Education)
  • Religion/Leadership/Service
  • Sciences (formerly Science)
  • Technology Design (formerly Technology)
  • The Arts (formerly Visual Arts and Performing Arts respectively)
  • Advisory
  • Catalina Island Marine Biology and Science Field Study