St. Mary’s Kindergarten students begin the journey through Lower School with a tremendous year of growth, development and learning.  Students continue to develop social skills introduced in Preschool, while being challenged to understand responsibilities within an elementary classroom.

Students learn to read simple sentences and begin to write to express themselves. Over the course of the year, Kindergarteners learn mathematics through hands-on activities related to counting, numeration, measurement, geometry, patterns, sorting, data collecting, and calculator use.

A foreign language is introduced starting in Kindergarten and students attend Spanish classes. It has been proven that foreign language acquisition at an early age and continuation of foreign language study provides a better chance of developing a high level of foreign language proficiency, rather than starting instruction in the post elementary school years. Students also gain insight into another way of thinking and develop a global attitude. Study of a foreign language and culture serves as an important vehicle by which to expand intercultural views and creates an openness to global understanding. 

Exploratory coursework includes:

  • Spanish
  • Physical Education
  • Music
  • Visual Arts
  • Technology
  • Christian Enrichment