Battle of the Books (BOB)

Battle Of the Books is a literary tournament among South Orange County Schools for teams of students in grades four and five. Every March, the St. Mary’s BOBers to St. John’s Lutheran School in Orange to compete with other teams, answering questions from twenty books from a selected reading list. All questions begin with, “In which book…” and the answer is always Title & Author. The four teams with most points at the end of the day earn a trophy for their school.

What is BOB CLUB
BOB Club is a group of fourth and fifth grade students who love to read great books! They meet twice a week during lunch to discuss titles, complete activities, share insights and have a good time. Each year, BOBers read a new list of twenty titles curated by experienced librarians. The more you read, the more you know! Join us and be a BOBber!

When/where are BOB Club meetings? 
BOB Club meets every Tuesday/Thursday at lunch at the Cabana tables, outside the Lower School Innovation Lab.

Do I have to be a really good or fast reader to join BOBClub?
No, you can be an average reader, or a reader who likes to take their time! As long as you like to read, you’ll have fun in BOB Club.

Do I have to be on the BOB team if I am a BOB Club member?
You can belong to BOB Club and enjoy reading the titles without testing to qualify for the competitive Battle of the Books team.

How do I qualify for the BOB Team?
Read all 20 titles before the qualifying test in January, attend BOB Club meetings and be a team player.

How many books do I need to read over the summer?
At least 5 books over the summer. 

How can I sign up for BOB Club?
You can email the librarian, Mrs. Yogaratnam, or attend the first BOB club meeting in September.