Early Preschool

Early Preschool (EP) children are discovering the world, deepening their knowledge, testing their independence, and forming a love of learning. St. Mary’s unique Early Preschool program, shaped by our IB curriculum, facilitates learning and discovery. We meet each child’s developmental and educational needs while nurturing cognitive, physical, social and emotional growth. Our program supports early preschool children in playful exploration because children learn best when they are actively engaged in constructing their own knowledge. Our curriculum is based on the belief that children learn in many different ways. Learning centers are designed to invite children to investigate. Teachers supplement individual activities with large and small group lessons focusing on character development, core subject areas and units of inquiry.

  • Ratio & Class size:
    • 24-30 months – 1:6 Ratio / Maximum of 12 students per class
    • 30-36 months – 1:7 Ratio / Maximum of 14 students per class

Program Schedule Offerings:

  • Option 1: Tuesday & Thursday: 2 Half Days or Standard Days
  • Option 2: Monday, Wednesday & Friday: 3 Half Days or Standard Days
  • Option 3: Monday – Friday: Half Days or Standard Days