Music is an integral part of the curriculum, and the program at each grade level is carefully crafted to build the foundation to support more complex music studies. It is a progressive journey of musicianship that begins with learning basic music fundamentals and leads to ensemble playing or singing. We help students to understand how making music is a significant and universal aspect of human expression.

Early Education Program

EEP Teachers lead children in a music and movement activity every day.
Each lesson allows children learn music in developmentally appropriate ways which supports a child’s language, cognitive, emotional, social, and physical development.  Children learn moving in rhythm, singing in various tonalities, improvising, listening, using language in musical ways, and dancing. Music is a part of daily classroom life, extending to other curriculum areas like language, art, and math. 

Lower School

Music in the Lower School teaches foundational music skills such as rhythm, pitch, dynamics, tempo and form through song, dance and instrumental play. The introduction of the recorder in 4th grade further expands students’ musical understanding and prepares them for more formal instrumental study. In 5th grade, students may choose to pursue a traditional orchestral instrument or may choose to follow a less traditional route called the Treble Makers, which includes the study of vocal techniques, composition, and music technology. Each grade level performs a concert throughout the year, in addition to a larger scale Christmas concert. 

Middle School

The Middle School music program offers a variety of electives for student musicians at any level of experience. Students are presented with performance opportunities throughout the year. The goal of the music curriculum is to develop well-rounded musicians who are prepared for a lifetime of music appreciation and/or continued instrumental or choral study at the high school level. Music offerings in the middle school include Chorus, String Orchestra, Wind Ensemble, Guitar, and Jazz Band. The students are immersed in music that encompasses a wide range of stylistic and cultural influences.