Why St. Mary's

A Vision for a better future

Turning students into well-rounded, engaged, and peaceful world citizens requires an education that considers the rapid changes all around us. Built into St. Mary’s daily lessons is the International Baccalaureate approach to learning which promotes independent thinking, intellectual curiosity, international awareness and the role of technology in our global economies. Our innovative programs provide the framework for learning which encourages students to become creative, critical and reflective thinkers.

Our unique combination of rigorous academic standards, foreign languages, technology, field studies, sports, arts and music, focuses on developing students into global thinkers. The school attracts a highly skilled teaching staff with experience from all over the world and more than 70% of our K-8 faculty hold advanced degrees. The curriculum includes collaborative learning experiences with other global IB schools, in addition to an IB exchange program with the International School of Milan, Italy where students are in the center of a rich learning environment that fosters awareness and promotes intercultural understanding.

Our inquiry-based approach and small class sizes promote critical thinking in and out of the classroom. Students are encouraged to think outside-the-box and develop problem-solving skills all within a nurturing environment. Collaborative, risk takers are developed, inquiry-based learning is emphasized and students become confident  leaders as they take ownership and understand their individual learning process.