Hausman Family Foundation Gives Back to Students

February 10, 2012

As John Hausman toured the new classroom at St. Mary’s School in Aliso Viejo, he viewed the new iPads and desktop computers, and listened carefully to the explanations about the specialist software. 

All this would have been so great for me!” he comments admiringly.

It is through the Hausman Family Foundation’s generosity that this classroom has been created. John was diagnosed with dyslexia in elementary school, and with the help of his mother Marilyn’s persistence and his own determination, learned to work with his condition to succeed through school, college and in business. “In those days it was all flash cards, paper based work and endless repetition”, John recalls. “Now, technology is a tremendous enabler for all kinds of students to aid the learning process.”

The Hausman Family Foundation was established in memory of Marilyn, who passed away in 2008. It aims to help children with special needs and to support education. The Foundation was inspired by John’s success and perseverance in overcoming his own learning challenges. The Foundation has partnered with St. Mary’s School and the Center for Learning (C4L) to establish a pioneering learning laboratory - an extension of an eight-year relationship between St. Mary’s and C4L.

The Foundation’s gift of more than $80,000 over three years will be matched by C4L. It will provide the hardware and software in the classroom at St. Mary’s, as well as the full time support of educational coordinators for three years. 

C4L’s Coordinator Vista Kushesh explains, “We can help in many different situations and subject areas. We have programs to aid reading, to master math, Spanish, fine motor skills, test-taking; even work planning and time management. These are valuable teaching tools for kids with special challenges such as dyslexia, helping them master skills and build confidence. Used in different situations, these programs are also great for mainstream learners. ”

John’s training and his own courageous efforts have enabled him to conquer many challenges to become successful in life. He works as a sales executive for a mobile communications company and consistently earns awards for his work with his clients. He has a great appreciation for the help he received and adds, “The theme of effort and reward is important to me too. The Hausman Family Foundation wants to support organizations that can use our help alongside their own resources to build success and help kids learn. St. Mary’s and C4L are great partners for us and they plan to use our funding in innovative ways to help St. Mary’s students.” 

John hopes that this joint venture will be the first of many. 

Our ambition for the Foundation is that this program will be a prototype which we can roll out across other Orange County schools; a partnership to advance education to benefit the community.”