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Teach Your Kids to Beat the Body Image Blues

October 07, 2016

Several months ago my husband and I started using a new babysitter. She’s a high school cheerleader, and both of my children were very excited to spend time with this sophisticated “big girl.” We... » read more

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Helping Your Child Face Tough Situations

May 23, 2016

Spring has sprung, and I’m already anticipating summer vacation. This is the time of year in the life of a school when we see an increase in relational conflict among students. It happens every... » read more

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Superheroes, Barbies, and Tablets Oh My!

April 19, 2016

When people find out that you’re having a baby, one of the first questions you hear is, “Is it a boy or a girl?”

We kept our children’s genders a surprise until they were born, but... » read more

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Turn Tantrums Into Teachable Moments

March 04, 2016

I remember the day well. I was tired after a long day of work, and I wanted nothing more than to settle into a cozy night at home. I picked up my daughter from her after school program, and she... » read more

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Faculty Professional Development

November 13, 2015

At St. Mary’s we have big dreams for ourselves and our students. Our dedicated and passionate faculty seek the best practices to foster the growth of every child. Thanks to generous support from... » read more

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Risk-Taking and New Opportunities

August 12, 2015

As teachers and parents, we are constantly encouraging our children to try new things.  Simply stated, “Be a risk-taker!”  Earlier this spring St. Mary’s was presented with the... » read more

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Costa Rica – Dia Ocho

February 18, 2015

Another beautiful and inspiring day in Costa Rica.

We started our day by having a local Caribbean breakfast by the pool of our hotel. We were excited for our... » read more

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Innovative Spaces

February 03, 2015

As we begin to imagine what learning spaces of the future might look like, it is important to consider our current learning spaces and ask, “What reality does this serve? Does this environment... » read more

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Cultivate Gratitude

December 18, 2014

The hustle and bustle of the holidays is upon us! In our household Christmas lists have been written and there is a tangible excitement in the air as our children eagerly await the arrival of... » read more

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