FalconBall Blast

St. Mary’s first ever, all-community European Handball Tournament and Costume Contest!  

On June 9th, at 1:30, grab your teammates, don your “uniforms,” and get ready for the easiest, craziest, silliest sporting event of the year.  Here’s all you need to know, in four quick steps:


FalconBall Blast Rules from St. Mary’s School on Vimeo.

First, create a team of any seven (or eight, if you’d like a substitute!) people, and the options are endless:  your friends in Grade 4! EEP Dads and Daughters! your Grade 6 Advisory! Middle School administrators! your big family!; The Kindergarten Kuties! the Volunteer Lunch Shift Moms! The possibilities are endless. 

Don’t have a team? For you Free Agents out there who are still considering your options, let us know you’d like to be placed on a team and we’ll get to work on that. Click here to sign up as a free agent.

And don’t worry:  play will take place in brackets, and will be organized based on team age and ability.  First graders will not be pitted against alumni!

Second, choose a team name, and plan your “uniforms.”  Because there will be awards given to the best team name and costumes.  If you’re into that sort of thing.  

Third, learn the quick and EASY rules of the game. See the video link here or ask your students - the 5-minute, non-contact game is so simple, ANYONE can play!

Fourth, get ready for some fun! This is an all-afternoon party, culminating with the final Championship Game. We’ll have food trucks! And music!  And color commentary!  The uniforms alone will keep us entertained!  And the unveiling of Mr. M’s hand-made FalconBall Trophy (reason enough to attend all by itself — can’t wait to see Mr. Mittelsteadt’s craft skills)!  

So, who knows who we’ll see face-off on the fields?  Join us June 9th to find out!  BUT HURRY!! Sign-ups end Wednesday, May 24th!!

Click Here to Sign Up.  For those creating a team, you’ll need to have all your team members’ names, including your designated Captain.